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1. Prior Information. Acceptance

The General Conditions incorporated in this Legal Notice, regulate the use of all the services and contents that the County Council of Vallès Oriental, (hereinafter, the COUNTY COUNCIL) makes available to users, through its Portal on the Internet (hereinafter the “Portal”).

These General Conditions have been drafted in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, on information society services and electronic commerce; Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and the guarantee of digital rights; Royal Decree 1720/2007, approving the Regulations for the Development of the Organic Law on Data Protection; Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data; Law 7/1998 on General Contract Conditions; Law 3/2014, of 27 March, amending the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November and all those legal provisions are applicable.

By the simple use of the Portal, the User expresses the full acceptance and without reservations of these general conditions, which can be modified by the COUNTY COUNCIL at any time. Accordingly, the User under his responsibility must carefully read these General Conditions in each of the occasions in which it is proposed to use the Portal.

2. Conditions of access, use and use of the Portal

The User guarantees to be over 14 years of age, as well as the veracity and authenticity of the information communicated as a result of the use of those services that require the User Registration and is also obliged to keep this information up to date.

The User agrees to use the Content and Services available through the Portal in accordance with the General Conditions, as well as in accordance with the provisions of the Law, morality and custom and public order.

The User agrees to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of the COUNTY COUNCIL and / or third parties, and for this purpose shall refrain from reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or in any other way communicating publicly, transforming or modify the Contents, unless it has the authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights or this is legally allowed.

The User may not use the data obtained from the Portal to make electronic advertising, promotional or commercial communications, not previously consented to by those affected.

The User who intends to establish a link between its website and the Portal of the COUNTY COUNCIL must meet the following conditions:

  • It may not cause confusion to other potential users regarding the origin and ownership of each of the web pages, so the link will only allow access to the “home-page” or home page of the Portal, and not a “frame” will be created on the web pages of the Portal del CONSELL COMARCAL;
  • The website on which the link is established will not contain false, inaccurate or illegal information or content, contrary to the law, morals or generally accepted customs and public order, nor will it contain content contrary to rights. of third parties;
  • The establishment of the link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between the COUNCIL COUNCIL and the owner of the web page in which it is established, nor the acceptance or approval by COUNCIL COUNCIL of its contents or services, for which reason it will not be declared or implied that the COUNTY COUNCIL has authorized the link or that it has supervised or assumed the services made available on the website on which the link is established.

In the event that the Portal requires the introduction of a Username and Password, these are personal and non-transferable. The COUNTY COUNCIL may make, with the appropriate notice, changes in the name of the User and / or password, and in this case the modified keys will lose their validity.

3. Exclusion of Warranties and Liability

3.1. For the operation of the Portal

The COUNTY COUNCIL does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Portal, its services and its contents, so it is in no case responsible for damages of any nature that may occur due to the lack of availability or continuity of the Portal or any of its services, or due to failures in accessing the various web pages of the Portal or those from which certain services are provided.

3.2. For the contents and services of the Portal

The COUNTY COUNCIL does not guarantee the usefulness of the Portal for any particular activity or the suitability of its contents and services for particular purposes, so the use of the information, contents and services is made under the sole and exclusive user responsibility.

The contents included in the Portal are provided in good faith by the COUNTY COUNCIL with information from both internal and external sources. Due to this circumstance and the large amount of information made available to the User through the Portal, the COUNTY COUNCIL cannot guarantee its reliability, legality, accuracy and updating.

Under the protection of article 16 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce, the COUNTY COUNCIL will not be responsible, in any case, or directly nor subsidiary, of any content, information, communication, opinion or manifestation of any kind that is communicated, disseminated, transmitted or exhibited through the Portal that comes from sources.

Likewise, in accordance with the aforementioned article 16, it will be understood that the COUNTY COUNCIL will have the effective knowledge referred to in the previous paragraph when a competent body has declared the illegality of the data, ordered its withdrawal or that access to them is made impossible, or the existence of the injury has been declared, and the provider knows the corresponding resolution, without prejudice to the procedures for detection and removal of content that the providers apply under voluntary agreements and other means of effective knowledge that may be established.

The Portal makes available to users technical linking devices (such as, among others, links, banners, directories, etc.), which allow access to web pages or sites belonging to and / or managed by third parties with respect to the which the COUNTY COUNCIL is neither the owner nor has any kind of link. Consequently, the COUNTY COUNCIL will not be responsible for the control and monitoring of its contents and therefore, the COUNTY COUNCIL does not assume any direct or subsidiary responsibility for these web pages or sites. The User must exercise extreme caution in the assessment and use of the information, content and services made available to him through these devices.

The COUNTY COUNCIL is not and is not responsible for the provision of services or the provision of goods or products that can be purchased or contracted through the Portal, either directly from it or through a link.

3.3 For the use of the Portal by users

The COUNTY COUNCIL cannot control the use that users make of the Portal, its services and its contents and therefore will not be responsible for damages of any nature that may occur due to the illegal, incorrect, inappropriate or improper use that users make of the Portal, its services or its contents.

Likewise, the COUNTY COUNCIL does not guarantee the privacy and security of the use of the Portal and, in particular, does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may not be aware of the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that Users make of the Portal, not being responsible for the damages and / or damages of all nature that could cause these unauthorized accesses.

In the event that the User causes damage to third parties, to make use of any product, service, content and / or tool provided through the website, as well as improper use of these, the User expressly exonerates the COUNTY COUNCIL of any liability that may be imputed to him.

For such purposes, the User will assume the sole and exclusive responsibility that may arise as a result of the above. Likewise, the User will assume the costs, costs and, where applicable, compensation that may arise from legal proceedings motivated by non-compliance with the provisions of these Conditions and the applicable regulations.

Users are solely and exclusively responsible for their identification keys and access to the Portal. The COUNTY COUNCIL is not responsible for the improper use of these access codes and for the consequences arising from any nature due to misuse, loss or forgetfulness by Users or by unauthorized third parties.

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents, understanding by these, and without this enumeration have limiting character, the texts, photographs, illustrations, graphics, software, databases, graphic designs, source code, audiovisual and sound contents, as well as the names, logos and trademarks accessible on the Portal are subject to industrial and intellectual property rights, the ownership of which belongs to the COUNTY COUNCIL or to third parties. In this sense, they are constituted as works protected by all Spanish and Community regulations in the field of intellectual and industrial property.

The User’s access to the contents and services of the Portal does not imply, in any case, any kind of waiver, transmission or total or partial assignment of the aforementioned rights, nor does it confer any right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction. , distribution or public communication on the contents or distinctive signs object of intellectual or industrial property, without the previous and express authorization specifically granted to this effect by CONSELL COMARCAL or the third holder of the rights.

The User will only have the right to view and make copies of the Contents only for their exclusive and personal use, and must exercise these rights in accordance with the principles of good faith and applicable law.

They are especially forbidden:

  • The presentation of a page of the Portal in a framework of another web page that does not belong to the COUNTY COUNCIL, by means of the technique called “framing” unless it has the express written consent of the COUNTY COUNCIL.
    The insertion of an image published on the Portal in a page or database, not belonging to the COUNTY COUNCIL, using the technique called “in line linking” if this does not have the express authorization of the COUNTY COUNCIL.
  • The COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY will expressly authorize the establishment of hypertext links (links) on another website directed to the homepage of this Portal or to any other internal page of this Portal, as long as the corresponding pages appear in a complete window and under the addresses own electronics of this one.
  • The rights not expressly granted above are reserved to the COUNTY COUNCIL or, as the case may be, to third party holders of these rights.

5. Procedure in case of carrying out illicit activities

In the event that any User or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illegal nature of the use of any Content and / or the performance of any activity on the web pages included or accessible through the Portal, and , in particular, of the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights, must send a notification to the COUNTY COUNCIL in which the following ends are contained:

  • Claimant’s personal details: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
  • Specification of the alleged illegal activity carried out on the Portal and, in particular, in the case of an alleged violation of rights, precise and specific indication of the protected content as well as its location on the web pages;
  • Facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of this activity;
  • In the event of a violation of rights, handwritten signature or equivalent, with the personal data of the holder of the rights allegedly infringed or of the person authorized to act in the name and on behalf of the latter;
  • Express, clear and under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and of the illicit nature of the use of the contents or the performance of the activities described.

6. Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of current regulations on Data Protection, the COUNTY COUNCIL informs users that it has a Privacy Policy, so that they can determine freely and voluntarily whether they wish to provide personal data that may be require on the occasion of the subscription or registration in some of the Services offered.

You can access the Privacy Policy at any time through the link located on our website

7. Cookies used on the website

In accordance with the provisions of current regulations on cookies, the CONSELL COMARCAL informs users that it has a Cookies Policy, so that they can determine freely and voluntarily whether they want the cookies used on the website: https: //, so that the User can decide if you want them to be installed on your computer or not.

You can access the Cookies Policy at any time through the link located on our website.

8. Notifications

All notifications and communications by the User to the COUNTY COUNCIL will be considered effective, in general, when addressed in one of the following ways:

Sending by post to the following address: carrer Miquel Ricomà 46, 08401 Granollers.

Send by e-mail to the following address:

9. Withdrawal and suspension of services

The COUNTY COUNCIL may withdraw or suspend at any time and without prior notice the provision of the Services to those Users who fail to comply with the provisions of these General Conditions.

10. Duration and termination

The provision of the Portal service and other Services has, in principle, an indefinite duration. The COUNTY COUNCIL, however, is authorized to terminate or suspend the provision of the service of the Portal and / or any of the Services at any time. When this is reasonably possible, the COUNTY COUNCIL will give prior notice of the termination or suspension of the provision of the Portal service and other Services.

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law.

For any dispute that may arise from the application of the services or interpretation or application of the General Conditions, the COUNTY COUNCIL and the user, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.