Gift kit of 6 aromatherapy soaps

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Rose soap 90 g. With natural rose water and natural rose petals. Moisturizes and soothes the skin.
Lavender soap 90 g. With lavender essential oil, dried lavender flowers. Calms, refreshes and deodorizes the skin
Cedar soap 90 g. With essential oil of cedar, dry oak bark. Tones and relaxes the skin.
Patchouli soap 90 g. With essential oil of patchouli, dried leaves of Gayuba. Calms the skin, with a beneficial effect in case of cellulite.
Chamomile soap 90 g. With Chamomile essential oil, dried chamomile flowers. Tones, refreshes and hydrates the skin.
Rosemary soap 90 g. With rosemary essential oil, dried rosemary needles. Gives the skin a fresh look.
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Product features

  • Ecologic
  • Natural product
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